Made using PlayCanvas and WebXR to be experienced on Meta Quest 2.

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Read a short guide about using this project as a template<a href="" ]<vr="" xr][guide]="" teleportation,="" snap="" turn="" and="" input="" manager="" -="" coding="" playcanvas="" discussion<="" a=""></a>

For Steampunk Digital XR jam Feb 2022


1. Press and release right trigger to place blocks

2. Hold right grip to change color, while pointed towards Color Picker (on left hand, big panel changes Hue and Saturation, slider changes Brightness)

3. Right thumbstick forward to teleport to pointed location

4. Right thumbstick sideways for snap turn in place

5. B button for Undo last block

6. Y button for Clear all blocks

See the entire project here on Playcanvas (opening in the online Editor requires a free account on PlayCanvas):


Source files (MIT license) 2 MB


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Just tested on PC and it also runs with the Rift S on Chrome 👍 (though one of the controllers is at an odd angle). I like how the color picker works!

Thanks for trying it out and posting a comment! Yes, I guess the controllers work because they are the same version that come with Quest 2... Glad you liked the color picker! One obvious improvement is to be able to see the color you are picking right on the palette cursor itself, maybe a simple custom shader... :-D