Do you like making music? Want to try a classic synth inside your VR headset? You are in the right place! Use your hands to compose music, made possible through hand tracking and WebXR inside the Meta Quest browser! Created for Steampunk Digital VR Challenge #3.

In DAW [n] XR, you can create music using the two available virtual devices:

A classic synth in XR! - experience the Korg Monotron Delay in it's full glory inside your headset. Also no fiddling around with a stylus as you can have the device as large as you like!

A sequencer/looper with four tracks - activate buttons in each of the tracks to play them sequentially in a loop

Bonus - adjust the virtual devices table's height by pinching and dragging the connector up or down! 

Explore the whole project on Playcanvas. Distributed under MIT license

Font used: PriceDown

Previous unpatched version of the game and the video uses image of Korg Monotron Duo from product images online (image not personal work). Patched later in a small update with my own texture.


Playcanvas Exported Source DAW [n] 7 MB
Build DAW _n_ 7 MB
Patch changed to own texture Export DAW [n] 6 MB

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